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Huh? What are vizcards?

Vizcards are ‘mini-infographics’ about you that live on a page of your bio you can create on Vizify. They’re kind of like mini trading cards of you. Your vizcards are published on a single page on your bio. What’s Viziyf? An online bio, simply put. It collects...

Winner Nuon Solar Team Infographic!

Whoohoo! We won! The Nuon Solar Team launched a contest to design an infographic-draft for the upcoming World Solar Challenge this autumn in Australia. And guess what? We won!! The aim of the Nuon Solar Team is winning the World Solar Challenge 2013 to show the world the...

100 Social Networking Statistics & Facts for 2012

74% of brand marketeers saw an increase in website traffic after investing just 6 hours per week on social media. I found this fact on the site of Creotivo. He worked hard to get this statistics. Suprised? “4 billion video views are seen on YouTube every day.” Yeah,...