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Designer of Infographics And Data Visualization
Client: Off-Grid Solutions
Skill: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

With 27.000 views on Facebook this infographic was a hit!
The team of Off-Grid Solutions asked me to design an infographic for the WakaWakaPower. The infographic was used to promote the ‘Let’s Light up Haiti-campagne’. Shared on Twitter and Facebook with a link to Kickstarter for funding. “Buy One, Give Two”

This infographic referred to the number of power outages across the US in 2011. On top of that superstorm ‘Sandy’ recently blacked-out an enormous part of the U.S. and it took New York 13 days to fully restore power. Furthermore it shows the benefits of the WakaWakaPower. It only needs daylight to charge.