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Dangers Of Fracking

There’s is a lot of fuzz these days in The Netherlands about Hydraulic Fracturing or ‘Fracking’. The Dutch government is examining the pro’s and cons about mining shale-gas and whether to go ahead with it. Personally I’m not a big fan. Due to the...

Keep Cool: 15 ways to beat summer heat

The temperatures are rising outside and it can get difficult to keep your cool on a blazing day. Rising electricity bills is another concern during summer season, but there are ways in which you can minimize the effects of summer. This infographic (by Becom.com) presents some...

Rebranding WakaWaka

After making several infographics, I was asked to do a complete rebranding of WakaWaka, a company dedicated to spread as many solar lights worldwide as possible. To help those without power as well as those who need to charge. From logo to website and everything in between…...

How feasible is it to use an electric car on vacation in Europe?

Many drivers regard the limited range of fully electrical vehicles (EV’s) as an absolute roadblock. So I made a infographic about this subject: “How feasible is it to use an electric car on vacation in Europe?” Admittedly, driving longer distances 100%...

Huh? What are vizcards?

Vizcards are ‘mini-infographics’ about you that live on a page of your bio you can create on Vizify. They’re kind of like mini trading cards of you. Your vizcards are published on a single page on your bio. What’s Viziyf? An online bio, simply put. It collects...

What Your Poop and Pee are Telling You about Your Body [infographic]

With a last name like mine (means ‘funky smell’ in Dutch) it’s hard not to address a delicate subject like this.What do your poop and pee telling you about your body? Far from crude, this infographic has a lot of information that could let you get a picture of...

50 Unbelievable Facts About Earth

I really like this one. Because it’s packjammed with all kinds of interesting facts about our planet. The pale blue dot. Did you know there is an actual doorway to hell? And that there have been 38.000 man-made objects orbiting in space and that NASA estimates that on...

Fruit for health

Most fruits are packed with antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and vitamins! Plus, they have all sorts of health benefits to go along with each delicious bite! Did you know there are a number of fruits that can be eaten whole…skin/rind and all! The seeds of some fruits are also...

All you need [infographic]

I came across this simple but funny infographic on Facebook. And wanted to make one of my one… You might think; “What about oxygen?” Sure! But ‘Love is like oxygen‘, right… Love the song and the frog. Always makes me happy! “Ring the bell...

How to Colour Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

This Infographic provides information about using natural ingredients to color Easter eggs. It shows what types of material you can use and how to use them. It also shows the types of patterns you can make with the different materials and provides general information and tips for...