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Why an infographic is a smart idea for your business

Data is easy to digest, attention grabbing and shareable on social networks.

Easy to digest

Infographics are made in a such a way that people easily understand the message or story being delivered.
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Attention Grabbing

People love to view graphics more than just plain text. But with these two combined, you make information and learning more interesting and fun.
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Shareable on Social Media

A good infographic can be a powerfull marketing tool. With an interesting infographic, you can be sure to attract people who want to share it online.
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Benefits of the Cradle to Cradle Products Program – Infographic

Wie de Tegenlicht documentaire Afval = Voedsel ooit heeft gezien, hoef ik verder niets te vertellen. Voor alle anderen die glazig naar het scherm...

Animatie WakaWaka’s Virtual Grid [Making Of]

Okay, this is important… WakaWaka timmert al een aantal jaar serieus aan de weg met hun super-efficiente zonnelamp en oplader; de WakaWaka Power....

Infographic voor het Philips People Services South Asia Pacific team

Voor wie? Ja, het is een mond vol! En een flinke klus. Een infographic, powerpoint én een beurs-stand, was de opdracht die ik kreeg van Goals....

[Making of] De HVK animatie voor Reed Business Opleidingen

Na aanleiding van deze animatie volgde vrij snel het verzoek van Reed Business Opleidingen of ik dat ook voor hun opleiding Hogere...


"Creative, original, quick and effective. That is how I would describe Ray's graphic design work. It has worked miracles for our brand and our company. And how working is with him as a person? Be prepared to run into a one-of-a-kind terribly nice guy! Even just a telephone call with him will immediately brighten up your day :-)"
Maurits Groen, Brand Director WakaWakaLight

After the launch of the Nudge platform Ray immediately contacted us and offered his help with our branding. The slogan: No Nudge, No glory was succesfully introduced. A person who really can think 'different' and a pleasure to work with. And you know what? He is also a great DJ!

Maarten de Leng, Commercial director Nudge